About Us

Pit Bulls are Friendly & Affectionate“Pit bulls have a bad rap,” says Shorty, “though they don’t deserve it at all. It’s what people have done to these pits or how they have trained them that caused this horrible misconception. Pit bulls are beautiful and energetic dogs that make wonderful companions and have the ability to bring out the best in just about any one – the elderly, children, the handicapped, and yes… even the little people of this world!”

What makes Shorty’s Charities unique? Is it not just another Bully Breed Rescue? Those of us who love the breed understand the passion behind wanting to fight for these underdogs but what makes Shorty any different from the rest of us? His unique perspective on discrimination, stigma and stereotypes.

Knowing full well what it’s like to be judged, his passion lead to the founding of Shorty’s Charities with a goal of raising awareness about the most misunderstood dog – the pit bull.

Goal of Shorty's Charities

  • Participate in Public Speaking Engagements
  • Offer Spay and Neuter Assistance Fund for Bully Breeds
  • Provide an Emergency Veterinary Fund for Bully Breeds in need as determined by our Board Members
  • Enlighten Bully Breed Breeders of their contribution to the homeless Bully Breed Population
  • Guardianship Support Program to keep our Bully Breeds where they belong by providing food, veterinary care and training to qualifying individuals
  • Informational Resource for responsible Bully Breed Guardianship

Shorty's Charities Mission
Creating a strong voice against stereotyping and stigma.  We do not seek your pity and don’t appreciate your prejudice.  We are here to help one discrimination case at a time through education, enlightenment and fight, if necessary, for the underdogs of the world.

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